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Kvænangen Adventure
9185 Spildra
Managing director: Rita Isaksen Mob:+47 40 24 91 98
Roy-Iver Isaksen Mob:+47 90 88 89 86
Our aim
Our aim is to provide complete packages for tourists, companies and public authorities including transport, accommodation, dining, activities, courses and special arrangements to meet individual requirements.
Kvænangen Adventure
The managing director of Kvænangen Adventure is Rita Isaksen, who is educated in retail and arts and crafts and is owner/operator of Spildra Landhandel, the local general store, and the pub Baksia. Since 1998 Kvænangen Adventure has been co-organiser of weekend gatherings here on the island of Spildra for students studying "Sámi Cultural Studies” and "Master of Indigenous Studies" at the University of Tromsø. These groups visit annually to explore the island’s unique Sámi archaeological sites. In recent years, Kvænangen Adventure has offered courses and adventure activities. Rita’s husband, Roy-Iver, is the local guide offering guided walks in English along the cultural heritage trail here on Spildra. The walks last around four hours and offer excellent photo opportunities of mountains, Stone Age tofts, Viking history, exceedingly old Sámi graves, Sámi sacrificial sites and bear graves. The Sámi graves and bear graves are unique archaeological sites within Scandinavia. Kvænangen Adventure offers accommodation and meals for two – fourteen people in an apartment and cabin in Dunvik. We also have access to a large grilling hut and can serve meals here for groups of up to 25 people. Roy-Iver is educated as a ship’s officer and he runs a shipping company with express boats certified to carry up to 20 passengers and a larger ferry, which can be used for trips around Kvænangen. For more information, please visit www.grand-sebaste.com. As well as our cultural heritage walk, we offer fjord cruises on Jøkelfjorden to see Øksfjordjøkelen, the only glacier in Europe which calves directly into the sea. We also visit the island of Skorpa, which boasts a unique geology and zoology and a small wooden church dating from the 1700s, and Sørstraumen, which is one of Norway’s stronger maelstroms. We arrange diving trips to easily accessible coral reefs in the fjord. En route, you may see bird species such as the white-tailed eagle, falcon, hawk and cormorant. We can also see several species of small whales including porpoises and dolphins, but larger whale species such as sperm whales, minke whale and Beluga or white whale also enter the fjord. The Kvænangen Fjord is also ideal for fjord fishing with a high probability of catching halibut, catfish and really big cod all year round, as well as large quantities of coalfish over the summer months. Kvænangen is regarded as the world’s best coalfish fjord. Kvænangen Adventure offers transfers to and from Skjervøy for guests arriving/continuing on the Hurtigruten (Coastal Steamer). We also provide transport from the mainland, e.g. from Jøkelfjord or Burfjord. On Spildra there is a general store and a post office. Kvænangen Adventure is a member of the country tourism organisation Troms Reiseliv.
We also own the local pub, maybe Norway's smallest pub?
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Pub 1
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The shop, Spildra Landhandel
Spildra Landhandel
The local post office
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