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Kvænangen Adventures tour options
Kvænangen Adventure offers accommodation, dining and guided tours on and from the island of Spildra. Kvænangen Adventure offers the following products (in addition to customising tours to meet the client’s requirements)
Kvænangen Adventure’s maximum capacity: groups of up to 14 people in apartments and cabins with kitchen and bathroom facilities at attractive prices. Accommodation is just NOK 300 per person per night. A full-pension option (including accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner) is available for just NOK 700 per person per night.
Guided boat safari to the Øksfjordjøkulen Glacier
Route: Gaibeneset, Fjellneset, Fatnjargen and Ravelsnes (all on the island of Spildra) then towards Jøkelfjord with good views of the “sieidi” offering stone Simanlango up on the mountainside, Jøkelfjordklubben (a cormorant colony locally known as “Skittaberget”), the Jøkelfjorden with vertical mountains, where there is the option of going ashore beneath the glacier, and then Tverrfjord before returning to Spildra.
There are also good opportunities en route for bird watching, including the white-tailed sea eagle, great cormorant, puffins, auks and falcons.
Price: NOK 1250 per person (minimum group size six people/minimum price NOK 7500)
The price includes a light lunch served en route.
Seven/five days’ accommodation and a guided deep-sea fishing trip with local skipper
Seven days’ accommodation and six days’ fishing on a large 55-foot boat. The skipper is a qualified coastal skipper and, having been a commercial fisherman for 30 years, he knows the fjord inside out.
Local shop and pub.
Minimum group size: six people
You will be transported from the airport in Alta to Spildra and back again

Full-pension including accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner and six days of fishing: NOK 11900,- per person
Five days including four days of fishing:NOK 9900,- per person

Cabin and boat
Hire of our small cabin "The Garage"
with double bedroom, double sofa bed, kitchenette and toilet. 50 meters to the harbour, shop and pub.
Boat: 14 feet Rana with 2,3 hp Honda 4 stroke engine. Perfect to row, only 2 min. to the fishing places.
Price per week: NOK 5900 ex. petrol.

Cabin and boat
Cabin "Annekset" with double bedroom, double sofa bed, kitchenette and private bathroom. 50 meters to the harbour, 10 meters to the local shop and to the pub.
Boat:16,5 feet Hansvik Fisk with a 25 HP Mercury 4 stroke engine.
Price per week: NOK 9500 ex. petrol
Nature, culture and birdlife photo safari
This is a full-day trip along the fjord, travelling under steep, high mountains, round islets and rocks, into Sørstraumen (one of Norway’s strongest maelstroms) and stopping at the island of Skorpa, which has a bird cliff, a church dating from 1793 and botany which is unique in a European context.
Price: NOK 300 per person per hour (minimum four people/minimum price NOK 1200 per hour)
One of the guest rooms is located upstairs. We provide accommodation for up to six people. We have three double bedrooms and a lounge with sofa bed.
Separate bathroom and fully equipped kitchen
Cabin with double bedroom, double sofa bed, kitchenette and private bathroom
Price (per night): NOK 1800,00
Extra person: NOK 200,00

Cabin "The Garage" with double bedroom, double sofa bed, kitchenette and toilet.
Price NOK 600,00 per day
Extra person: 200,00
Brettseiling Foto Silje Isaksen
Full one-week package tour
A full package with all of our offers included (except for No. 10).
This will give you a full week (seven days) including accommodation, all meals and different experiences and trips every day, leaving you breathless and with lifetime memories when you leave us.
Climb higher!
The price includes return transfers from Skjervøy or Burfjord to Spildra.
Price for a one-week package tour (per person): NOK 15,400,-
Price per additional day: NOK 2000,-
Full pension
A full-pension option (including accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner).
Price NOK 700 per person per day, min. 6 persons
Aurora Borealis over Spildra
No. 17
Summit ski climb from boat
Kvænangen Adventure in conjunction with Grand Sebaste Rederi offers summit ski climb to the mountain peaks in Kvænangen, including on the islands of Kågøya, Uløya and Arnøya.
The tours depart from the island of Spildra in the morning calling at the various mountains, which are selected taking into account weather conditions, avalanche risk and your personal preferences.
Breakfast can be served prior to departure or on board the boat.
Some of the places we visit can be reached by docking at a wharf, while at other places we need to transfer to a smaller boat before we reach land.
While you ski in the mountains, we prepare lunch on board, which you can savour on the return trip to Spildra or while travelling to the next mountain peak.
After an action-packed day of skiing in the mountains of Kvænangen, we return to Spildra for a delicious dinner followed by after-ski at the island’s pub.
The boat is licensed to serve beer and wine.
Price: NOK 15,400 for a seven-day stay including full pension. Transfers to and from Spildra and alcoholic beverages are not included in the tour price.
 Contact us at:
+47 90 88 89 86/+47 40 24 91 98
Guided tour on Spildra’s cultural heritage trail
Tour participants will be transported by car around 2.5 km to the start of the cultural heritage trail. Guiding is provided in both Norwegian and English.
Spildra is a unique cultural heritage area featuring more than 300 Stone Age tofts, ruins of ancient Sami residential sites and sieidi offering stones and completely unique Sami bear graves, scree burials and graves in rock crevices and caves.
There are also some exciting Norse cultural heritage sites that imply the Sami and Norse cultures co-operated during the Iron Age. Among other archaeological sites, Spildra has the largest boathouse toft registered in North Troms.
Price: NOK 500,00 short track with viking grave
NOK 1000,00 long track with beargraves
Special prices are available for full-day trips and trips of several days’ duration. The tour takes place in the entire Kvænangen areas, according to the season, weather conditions and where the fish are biting. The skipper is a qualified coastal skipper and having been a commercial fisherman for 30 years he knows the fjord inside out.
Price: NOK 7500,- for the first 8 hours. NOK 500,- per hour for the next hours.





Eagle 2 

Dolphins 2

Glacier walk on Øksfjordjøkulen
Kvænangen Adventure collaborates with a local certified glacier guide.
Day trips are available daily on request.
Price: NOK 2500 per person including lunch, guiding and all necessary equipment. Minimum four people.
Cabin "Annekset" with double bedroom, double sofa bed, kitchenette and private bathroom.
Close to the owner of Kvænangen Adventure and the local general store and the pub.
Price NOK 750,00 per day
Extra person: 200,00
Arvor 690 boat "Spildra"
Price per week ex diesel
NOK 8500,00



No. 16
Boat safari in Kvænangen
Kvænangen Adventure offers fjord safaris on the Kvænangen Fjord. The start and end point for these safaris can be either on the mainland or on the island of Spildra.
The fjord safari takes passengers between islets and rocks, into Jøkelfjorden and Øksfjordjøkelen and out to Spildra, Rødøya, Olderfjorden and Skorpa.
We plan the tour taking into account the client’s requirements and the prevailing weather conditions.
There are also excellent opportunities for fishing. This tour is also available as a deep-sea fishing trip where the focus is on searching for the big one!
The boat is licensed to serve beer and wine.
We can also arrange on board catering and barbeques on deck.
Maximum group size: 18 people
Price: hire of the boat for an eight-hour tour is NOK 7500
Catering/barbeque: NOK 300 per person

Vinterutsikt fra fjellet
Magnus med utsikt mot Skjervoy og Kvanangstindene
Skuter paska 06
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