Boat safari in Kvænangen

Boat safari in Kvænangen

Kvænangen Adventure offers fjord safaris on the Kvænangen Fjord. The start and end point for these safaris can be either on the mainland or on the island of Spildra.

The fjord safari takes passengers between islets and rocks, into Jøkelfjorden and Øksfjordjøkelen and out to Spildra, Rødøya, Olderfjorden and Skorpa.

We plan the tour taking into account the client’s requirements and the prevailing weather conditions.

There are also excellent opportunities for fishing. This tour is also available as a deep-sea fishing trip where the focus is on searching for the big one!

The boat is licensed to serve beer and wine. We can also arrange on board catering and barbeques on deck.

Maximum group size: 18 people

Price: hire of the boat for an eight-hour tour is NOK 7500

Catering/barbeque: NOK 300 per person

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