Guided tour on Spildra’s cultural heritage trail

Guided tour on Spildra’s cultural heritage trail

Tour participants will be transported by car around 2.5 km to the start of the cultural heritage trail. Guiding is provided in both Norwegian and English. Spildra is a unique cultural heritage area featuring more than 300 Stone Age tofts, ruins of ancient Sami residential sites and sieidi offering stones and completely unique Sami bear graves, scree burials and graves in rock crevices and caves.There are also some exciting Norse cultural heritage sites that imply the Sami and Norse cultures co-operated during the Iron Age. Among other archaeological sites, Spildra has the largest boathouse toft registered in North Troms.

Price: NOK 1000,00 short track with viking grave

NOK 2000,00 long track with beargraves

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