Summit ski climb from boat

Summit ski climb from our new boat M/S Ylva. A Viknes 1080

Kvænangen Adventure in conjunction with Grand Sebaste Rederi AS offers summit ski climb to the mountain peaks in Kvænangen, including on the islands of Kågøya, Uløya and Arnøya.

The tours depart from the island of Spildra in the morning calling at the various mountains, which are selected taking into account weather conditions, avalanche risk and your personal preferences. Breakfast can be served prior to departure or on board the boat.Some of the places we visit can be reached by docking at a wharf, while at other places we need to transfer to a smaller boat before we reach land. While you ski in the mountains, we prepare lunch on board, which you can savour on the return trip to Spildra or while travelling to the next mountain peak.

After an action-packed day of skiing in the mountains of Kvænangen, we return to Spildra for a delicious dinner followed by after-ski at the island’s pub. And my a trip in to our hot tub?

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